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SAGM & 2020 Handbook Distribution Postponed

A message from Myrle Lawrence, President V&D – 2020 Handbook distribution scheduled for April 4 is cancelled.

“I am forced to make a decision which I hate to do, but which in good conscience, I am required to do. Some will disagree, some will agree- half of you will be right! We need to cancel the April 4th event referred to above, until further notice. Will that be 6 weeks later, 8 weeks later? if I knew answers-I would be a much happier person! I have been in contact with a neighbour who is positive- not ill, but positive. I’m not waiting until we, with best of motives infect, our friends and co-bowlers! If you disagree with me, then we can work that out at the next AGM, whenever that may be. I am proud of our Board- we’ve done such a great job together over the past years- let’s stay strong and united!”

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