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Bowling membership at two clubs


It is vitally important to your members who belong to more than one bowling club. In an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19, viaSport has ruled and confirmed that, effective immediately, bowlers may only play at one club. ViaSport will not allow bowlers to bowl at two locations, whether they are members of the two clubs or not. Consequently, each bowler must decide now which one club they chose to bowl at this summer and ONLY bowl at that club from this time forward. It does not matter which club the bowlers have joined first or which club the bowlers have paid their Bowls Canada fees to. Those factors do not enter into the bowlers decision which club that they chose to bowl at during this summer. The decision is entirely up to the bowler. All bowlers who belong to more than one club must, IMMEDIATELY, choose which club they will bowl at. For bowlers who have joined more than one club and who have already bowled at a club that will not be their bowling club of choice, the bowler must immediately cease bowling at that club and wait for a period of ten days before bowling at the club of their choice. This waiting period is in lieu of not being able to change clubs at all. Bowls BC is entering into discussions with viaSport to, possibly, allow bowlers to change clubs when their chosen club closes for the winter and the bowler wishes to continue to bowl at a club with artificial turf. We are hoping that we can successfully negotiate a club change at that time, however, that decision will not be made until much later in the season. We will keep you informed of any developments in this regard. Harry Carruthers President Tel: 604-985-2241 Cell: 604-916-1101


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