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Bowls BC July 7th, Step 3

As most of you are aware, we are now in Step 3 of the BC Recovery Program and the Return to Sport Restart 2.0. ViaSport has recently developed and released a chart outlining how the Step 3 Orders/policies are to be administered by Provincial Sport Organizations and all sport clubs (including Bowls BC and BBC member clubs).

We have received the viaSport Step 3 chart for sports, attached.

Below are the highlights of Step 3:

·The clubs will no longer require a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Instead the PHO recommends that all sport clubs prepare a Communicable Disease Protection Plan (CDPP). The format will follow the WorkSafeBC requirements. Many other sports do not have clubhouses that increase the risk of transmittal of infectious diseases. Lawn bowling clubs do. Bowls BC STRONGLY recommends that each club implement a CDPP for your facilities. Bowls BC has attached a CDPP template (including posters) for such purpose.

· The Provincial COVID-19 Liability coverage will be extended to December 31, 2021.

· There is an unlimited number of sport participants allowed (indoor and outdoor).

· Canada-wide travel is now allowed.

· Outdoor: Masks are not required on or off the field of play.

· Indoor: Masks are not required on the field of play, however, masks are recommended off the field of play for those 12 and over who have not had both their immunization shots.

· Spectators: Seated events - outdoor – up to 5,000 or 50% of the capacity, whichever is greater.

· Spectators: Seated events - indoor – up to 50 or 50% of the capacity, whichever is greater.

· Physical distancing does not have to be maintained on or off the field of play.

· Medical Symptom Screening is NO LONGER required.

· Waiver is required for 2021 (insurance requirement - to be further determined)

· Indoor gatherings to follow the gathering requirements of the PHO Order.

Please continue in considering the health of your members as your number 1 priority.

Have good and safe bowls.

Harry Carruthers


Tel: 604-985-2241

Cell: 604-916-1101


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