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March 27, 2021 Update from Bowls BC

On March12, 2021 the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) issued a new and consolidated Order concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that will apply until further notice. ViaSport has confirmed to Bowls BC the application of this Order as it pertains to the sport of Bowls.

The new Order increases allowed participants in sporting activities from four (4) to ten (10). This is a major concession and will have significant impact on our summer bowls season. ViaSport has verbally confirmed that the maximum allowable participants for lawn bowls, is ten (10) per GAME, not green.

While the PHO Order allows up to 10 people per game, Bowls BC has recommended that club formats can expand to include triples - 6 players per alternating rink. The format can be practice games with scoring and just not practice. Inter-club play is not authorized nor are higher level championships.

The PHO Order however also increased the distance between players on the rinks from 2 metres (6 feet) to 3 metres (10 feet) therefore Bowls BC is not considering including fours at this time due to the complexity of maintaining physical distancing on many club’s greens narrow surrounds. A position of monitor will now be necessary to ensure physical distancing compliance any time members are on the green.

To bowl in the 2021 season, all clubs will be required to submit new Guidelines that specify the requirements and restrictions for clubhouse, grounds, and greens. Once it is effectively demonstrated that we can safely perform games of triples, expansion to fours games may be considered later in the year.

Clubs in 2021 are now allowed to recruit new members but will need to submit their plan on how it will be implemented and reviewed by Bowls BC before the season can start.

Again this year, clubs will require returning members and recruits to sign the liability waiver, agree to follow the club guidelines, sign a medical symptom form at each visit, and keep a record of these documents.

Not quite back to normal but we are getting closer.


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