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Men's Past Championship Winners up to 1999
Lists compiled by Dr. John Aveline
Intermediate Pairs

1999   Ron Fox, Len Compton   (Coquitlam)

1998   Gary Clarke, Bob Johnson   (Coquitlam)

1997   Laurence Leedham, John Sedola (North Vancouver) / Alan Ashton, David Major (Maple Ridge) (tied)

1996   no data available

1979   Robert Sillars, B. Rafter  (Vancouver South

1977   Doug Brown, Ralph Spicer   (Vancouver South)

1976   A. Johnston, D. Pringle   (South Burnaby)

1975   B. Williamson, Jim Murphy   (Vancouver South)

1974   B. Williamson, Jim Murphy   (Vancouver South)

1973   E. Hunt, G. Best   (Burnaby North)

1972   Don Macey, J. Dull   (Vancouver South)

1969   C. Reynolds, G. Mullen   (Dunbar)

1968   W. Griffiths, W. Peters   (Dunbar)

1967   W. Dafoe, W. Kidd   (New Westminster)

1966   E. Edge, W. Stirling   (Grandview)

1965   F. Nutall, G. Jones   (West Point Grey)

1964   Les Kitson, Wayne Hopwood  (Mount Pleasant)

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