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Mens Pairs Champions: 2000 - Last Year
Write ups and the following lists up to 2013 were compiled by Dr. John Aveline.
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The Men's Pairs is another of the 'charter members' in the V&D competitions. It also predates the establishment of the V&D.  This event, too, has had a wide range of entries, from 24 to 123!

2023  Cary Manns, Heng Lee (New Westminster)

2022  Kin On Lau, Gonzo Wong (Richmond)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019  Peter Davie, Tony Webster (Maple Ridge)

2018  Christie Graham, Paul Choi (WhiteRock/Richmond)

2017. Paul Lee, Earl Luk (Richmond)

2016   John Scutt, Bill Lang (Maple Ridge) 

2015   James MacGowan, Jonathon Braun (Kerrisdale)

2014  George Cubiss, Eugene Maxwell (Maple Ridge)

2013   Paul Lee, Stanley Chow (Richmond)

2012   James Chen, Richard Yau (Richmond)

2011   Steve Santana, Stanley Chow (Vancouver South)

2010   Steve Santana, Stanley Chow (Vancouver South) 

2009   Perry Manns, Clement Law (North Vancouver)

2008   Stephen Yung, Chester Yeung (Richmond)

2007   Stephen Yung, Chester Yeung (Richmond)

2006   Peter Tsang, Ron Mattison (New Westminster)

2004 - 2005 - no data available 

2003   Alfred Pang, Tony Tse (Richmond)

2002   Paul Choi, Alfred Pang (Richmond)

2001   Bob Scott, Dave Duncalf (Vancouver South)

2000   Chris Grahame, Jim Logan (Vancouver South)

1999   Jack Mitchell, Francis Lee (Granville Park)

1998   Hirendra Bhartu, Roddy MacDonald (South Burnaby)

1997   Vince Sutherland, Roddy MacDonald (Vancouver South)

1996  - 1931 data not available

1932   R. Adam, I.F. Elliott (Vancouver Club)

Intem Pairs
Intermediate Pairs

The Men's Intermediate (formerly Colt) Pairs is a newer event, instituted to give new bowlers an added event event designed for them to try their arm and develop their skills.  The event was first run in 1964, with a trophy put up by Standard Glass. This trophy was used until 1979 when, presumably, Standard Glass withdrew their sponsorship.

2023   Nathaniel Hui, Clayton Hui (Granville Park)

2022   Don Clegg, Rick Rinder (Maple Ridge)

2020-2021 COVID

2019   Brian Jolley, Baz Corden (North Vancouver)

2018   Rob Berridge, Tom Berridge (Stanley Park)

2017   Darren Hutchinson, Paul Dube (New Westminster)

2016   Earl Luk, Kin Wong  (Richmond)

2015    Graham Miller, Matt Miller (Kerrisdale)

2012 - 14   not run due to lack of entries

2011    Ron Roman, Daniel Wai (Richmond)

2010    Barrie Brown, Jack Green (Kerrisdale) 

2009    Johnny Liu, Wayne Chow (Richmond)

2008    Dudley Shephard, Roy Raymond (Kennedy Park)

2007    Roy Nicolle, Mark Weiss (South Burnaby)

2006    Mark Weiss, Ray Nicolle (South Burnaby)

2005    Dieter Schulz, Peter Cullis (Ladner)

2004    Tommy Choi, Stanley Chow (Richmond)

2003     Ivan Wong, Kelly Wong  (Richmond)

2002    Larry White, Gordon Feenstra (North Vancouver)

2001    TIE: Dave Baldwin, Dave Bell (Langley) / Mani Naicker,  Harvey LeClaire 

2000    Duncan Holness, Vic Dipalo (Maple Ridge)

Senior Pairs (Discontinued)

The Senior Men's Pairs used to play for the La Patourel trophy.

2017  Event no longer offered 

2016 John Scutt, Bill Lang (Maple Ridge)   

2015  John Scutt, Bill Lang (Maple Ridge)

2014  Christie Grahame, Alex Abraham (White Rock)

2013  Tony Webster, Peter Davies (Maple Ridge)

2012  Tony Webster, Peter Davies (Maple Ridge)

2011  Stanley Chow, Johnny Liu (Richmond)

2010  Dave Baldwin, Bruce Matheson (Langley)

2009  Dave Baldwin, Bruce Matheson (Langley)

2008  no data available 

2007   Peter Moffat, Perry Manns (North Vancouver)

2005 - 2006 - no data available 

2003   Ken Louden, Charlie Humphries (North Vancouver)

2002   John Harvey, Doug Dryden (North Vancouver)

2001   John Harvey, Doug Dryden (North Vancouver)

2000   Perry Manns, Robert Gandy (North Vancouver)

1999   Jim Murphy, Bill Meek (Vancouver South)

1998   Peter Moffat, Perry Manns (North Vancouver)

1997   Graham Jarvis, Tony Boucher (Granville Park)

1947 - 1996  no data available 

1946   Fred Bellis, Tom Peat (Kerrisdale)

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