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BC Week Women's Events History

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BOWLER(S) of the WEEK Award
The Women's Triples is not run as a sectional event.  As s result, points are awarded to the top 8 teams.  First place earns 8 points, second place is worth 7 points, down to 1 point for eighth place.

WOMEN'S PAIRS - Western Mutual Trophy

The Women's Pairs originally competed for the Western Mutual Trophy, which was put by the Western Mutual Benefit Association in 1941. The actual trophy, which is currently houed at Granville Park states fulsomely and in several different fonts, "Western Mutual Trophy Doubles Events Presented for Annual Competition to the Ladies Division of the B.C. Lawn Bowling Association by the Western Mutual Benefit Association". Although the event is still part of of B.C. Week, the last names inscribed on the trophy are the winners of 1976.

Interesting to look at the old brass trophy. All the women are given their title Mrs up until 1971 and very woman who won in those first 31 years was married (because most clubs only allowed women to join if their husband's already belonged). Most of the time we can assume that their initial is actually their husband's first initial and not their own (e.g., Mrs. G. Foreman of Terminal City is Dorothy Foreman).

WOMEN'S TRIPLES - Graham Trophy

The Mildred Graham Trophy was instituted in 1955 and awarded to the Women's Triples Champions of B.C. Week.


It is interesting to note that in the 1950's and '60's all of the women were Mrs. (not a single woman in the lot. Until the 1970's the initial was the husband's, so Dorothy Foreman's name on the trophy is Mrs. J. Foreman. 1974 was the last year that 'marital status' was shown on the plaques.

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