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Past Women's Fours Winners

The V&D Women's Fours has been played since 1964, or at least that is how far back the current trophy dates back.  The Mainland Rinks Trophy was donated by Mrs. M. Robertson, G. Taylor, N. Rumball & B. Hunter.

 2023  Jenny Siu, Rainbow Lung, Anita Lee, Gigi Chan(Richmond)

 2022   Jenny Siu, Rainbow Lung, Anita Lee, Gigi Chan (Richmond)

 2020 - 2021 COVID

 2019   Jenny Siu, Rainbow Lung, Anita Lee, Gigi Chan (Richmond)

 2018   On Kow Au, Helen Auyeung, Linda Ng, Alice Lam (Richmond)  

 2017   Vivian Chan, Lisa Cheung, Zoe Chan, Fanny Yeung  (Richmond)                 

 2016   Rainbow Lung, Anita Lee, Ester Sun, Gigi Chan (Richmond) 

 2015   Nancy Speers, Barbara Gandy, Nannely Lawson, Bonnie Smith (North Vancouver)

 2014   Nancy Speers, Barbara Gandy, Nannely Lawson, Bonnie Smith (North Vancouver)

 2013   Marlene Cleutinx, Beryl Harrington, Carolynn Doan, Yvette Symes  (White Rock)

 2013   Belle Chan, Man Yong Lee, Anita Wong, Frieda So  (Vancouver South)

 2011   Juanita Tucker, Shella Holt, Helen Lam, Rita Patterson (Granville Park)

 2010   Pat Harrison, Mary Wright, Elizabeth Day, Elvina Stewart  (White Rock)

 2009   Pat Harrison, Mary Wright, Evie MacCallum, Barbara Hill  (White Rock)

 2008   Marlene Cleutinx, Coreen Brost, Caroline Johnson, Carolyn Doan (White Rock)

 2007   Nancy Speers, Barbara Gandy, Bonnie Smith, Jocelyn Henderson  (North Vancouver)

 2006   Marg Duvarney, Coreen Brost, Helen Usen, Mary Wright  (White Rock)

 2005   Barb Gandy, Marie Taylor, Loreen Manns, Nannely Lawson  (North Vancouver)

 2004   Teresa Rogers, Janet Miller Barbara Fong, Marg Bauer    (New Westminster)

 2003    Helen Lam, Shirley Lai, Janet Wong, Josephine Watt  (Granville Park)

 2002    Pat Aarvold, Loreen Manns, Jenny Siu, Barbara Gandy  (North Vancouver)

 2001    Helen Lam, Cathie Cleveland, Diane Fulton, Norma Bourne  (Granville Park)

 2000    Sheila Buttar, Martha Welsh, Mary Ann Beath, Christine Soukorof  (Vancouver South)

 1999    Alice Duncalf, Martha Welsh, Juanita Tucker, Marjorie Mitchell  (Vancouver South)

 1998    Beryl Harrington, Marg Duvarney, Jean Newton, Terri Rihela (White Rock)

 1997    Peggy Waine, Greta Henderson, Evelyn Bell, Brenda Paget (Stanley Park)

 1996    Sheila Buttar, Alice Duncalf, Dorothy Rogers, Louise Murphy (Vancouver South)

 1995    Dorothy Macey, Joan Dunlop, Cathie Cleveland, Kathy Dunlop (Granville Park)

(from this year on the skips are listed first)                                                                           

 1994     Naty Rozario, Norma Bourne, Peggy Sung, Jessie Martin  (Vancouver South)

 1993     Naty Rozario, Joyce McLeod, Peggy Sung, Selina Jarvis  (Richmond)

 1992     Helen Lam, Naty Rozario, Peggy Sung, Selina Jarvis (Richmond)

 1991     Ruth Fouts, Irene Deroches, Marg Veitch, Dorothy Macey  (Vancouver South)

 1990     Pat Aarvold, Verna Clark, Margaret Crawford, Nell Hunter  (North Vancouver)

 1989     Selina Jarvis, Lou Nuttal, Peggy Sung, Jean Walsh  (New Westminster)

 1988     M. Harvey, O. Bradley, P. Sung, E. Foulkes  (New Westminster)

 1987     E. Foulkes, P. Sung, S. Jarvis, A. Eccles  (New Westminster)

 1986     I. Esson, L. Owens, A. Clark, J. Walsh  (Stanley Park)

 1985     S. Broomhall, D. Mason, D. Jarvie, K. Finch  (Vancouver South)

 1984     D. Dean, K. Summers, M. Davis, P. Clarkson  (Dunbar)

 1983     Ruth Fouts, Mary Meaney, Emma Walker, Kathy Finch  (Vancouver South)

 1982     Sylvia Duncan, Betty Wood, Jessie Martin, Mary Meaney  (Vancouver South)

 1981     A. Duncalf, S. Larochelle, M. Veitch, D. Macey (Vancouver South)

 1980      S. Broomhall, B. Donohoe, M. Matheson, P. Waine   (Terminal)

 1979      F. Marcotte, I. Robertson, I. Thompson, M. McKeig  (White Rock)

 1974-78   no winners are recorded on the trophy for these years                              

 1973      L. Howse, R. Latham, G. Sutherland, D. Foreman   (Terminal)

 1972      K. Edgar, H. Cormack, A. Donevan, N. Adkins    (Terminal)

 1971      K. Edgar, H. Cormack, A Donevan, N. Adkins   (Terminal)

 1970      J. Gilchrist, J. Ashley, W. Johnston, E. Townley  (Terminal)

 1969      Edith Laidler, Mildred Walker, Annie Clarke, Mary Speedie   (Kerrisdale)

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