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BC Week: Men's Events Past Winners

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         Novice Singles





2022   Tom Berridge

2020-2021 COVID

2018    Cary Manns

2017    James Chen

2016    Paul Lee; Stanley Chow Richmond

2015    Paul Lee; Stanley Chow Richmond

2014    Chris Grahame; Stan Turner Mann Park)/ Stanley Chow  Richmond

2013    Chris Grahame Mann Park; Stanley Chow  Richmond

2012    Paul Choi; Stanley Chow (tie) Richmond

2011    Paul Choi; Stanley Chow tie) Richmond

2010    Kin On Lau  Richmond

2009    Francis Yau  Granville Park

2008    Kin On Lau  Richmond

2007    Stanley Chow;  Paul Choi (tie) Richmond

2006    Chuck Fung Richmond; Michael Leong (tie) Granville Park

2005    results unavailable

2004    Alex Abraham Langley

2003    Fred Fong  New Westminster

2001 - 2002   results unavailable

2000   Danny Ho Granville Park; Perry Manns  North Vancouver

1999    Jim Murphy; Ted Waterston Vancouver South

1998    Perry Manns  North Vancouver

1997    Des Deroches  Vancouver South

1996    Graham Jarvis  Granville Park

1995     Merv Canham  New Westminster

1994     Jack Mitchell  Vancouver South

1993     Bob Scott  Vancouver South

1992     Chung Pak (C.P.) Au New Westminster

1991     Ted Waterston  New Westminster

1990    Vince Mai  New Westminster

Lists complied by Dr. John Aveline up to 2013
MEN'S SINGLES:  Seaton / Sparling / Masterman
Discontinued in 2002

 2002  discontinued from this year on 


 2000   Tom Rozario  Granville Park

 1999    Ted Waterston  New Westminster

 1998    Des Deroche  Vancouver South

 1997    Des Deroche  Vancouver South

 1996    Alan Webster  Granville Park

 1995     Angus McDonald 

 1994    Ted Waterston New Westminster

 1993    Bob Scott Vancouver South

 1992    Vince Sutherland Vancouver South

 1991    Ted Waterston  New Westminster

 1990   Graham Jarvis  Granville Park

 1959    Jim Hazlett  White Rock

 1955    T.F. Teevan  Terminal City

MEN'S PAIRS:  Wee McKay / Mercer / Gray / Bryant

 2022    Kin On Lau, Patrick Sum

 2020-2021 COVID

 2018     Cary Manns, Charlie Hebert New West

 2017     James Chen & Clement Law

 2016     Paul Lee, Stanley Chow  Richmond

 2015     Paul Lee, Stanley Chow  Richmond

 2014     Cary Manns, Vince Mai  North Van / South Van

 2013     Perry Manns, Clement Law North Vancouver

 2012     Cary Manns, Clement Law North Vancouver

 2011      Bruce Matheson, Bill Pearson Langley, Arizona

 2010      Eric Leung, James Chen Richmond

 2009      Francis Yau, Chris Grahame  Granville / Mann Park

 2008      Paul Choi, Stanley Chow  Richmond

 2007      Paul Choi, Stanley Chow Richmond

 2006      Steve Santana, Vincent Siu  North Vancouver


 2004      Peter Moffat, Bill Sorenson  North Vancouver

 2003     Fred Fong, Ken Lai  New Westminster

 2001 - 2002  

 2000     Danny Ho, Alan Webster  Granville Park

 1999     Jim Aitken, Mark Raymond  Stanley Park

 1998     Jim Aitken, Mark Raymond  Stanley Park

 1997     Jim Aitken, Ben Takemori Stanley Park/Van South

 1996     Graham Jarvis, Tony Boucher  Granville Park

 1995     Steve Forrest, Bob Smith Victoria

 1994     Malcolm Harrington, Harry Rihela White Rock

 1993     Jim Bolton, Bob Rodgers  North Vancouver

 1992     Len Lebeter, Bob Labron 

 1991     Bob Scott, John Kochaniuk  Vancouver South

 1990     Bob Venturas, Vince Mai Van South, North Vancouver

 1957     Jim Hazlett, Alex Hazlett (Wee McKay) White Rock

 1955     Sandy Houston, J. Morrison Mount Pleasant



 Discontinued 2000

 1999   not played

 1998   Ron Fox Coquitlam

 1997   Louis Tsang Richmond

 1996   Eugene Ko Granville Park

 1995   Laurence Leedham North Vancouver

 1994   Brad Neave Granville Park

 1993   Gerry Douglas 

 1992   Malcolm Taylor North Vancouver

 1991    Jim Chobaniuk North Vancouver

 1990   Merv Canham New Westminster

 1968   Alan Webster Granville Park

Novice Singles

MEN'S TRIPLES:  Centennial

2022    Nathaniel Hui, Peter Cheong, Clayton Hui

2020-2021 COVID

2018    Cary Manns, Vince Mai, Serge Pannu

2017     James Chen, Stanley Chow, Christie Grahame

2016.    Larry Vezina, Robert Ascroft, Darren Hutchison. New West

 2015    Paul Lee, James Chen, Stanley Chow Richmond

 2014    Kelvin Lai, Peter Lee, Sam Wong  Richmond

 2013    Chester Yeung Richmond, Charles Ko New West, Michael Shea Rich

 2012     John Scutt, Tony Webster, Peter Davies Maple Ridge

 2011     Stan Turner, Don Young, John Kost Kerrisdsale

 2010     Alfred Pang, Kin On Lau Richmond, (Hirendra Bhartu Nanaimo)
               Michael Leong 
Granville Park

 2009     Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bruce Matheson North Van

 2008     Sam Siu North Vancouver, Hirendra Bhartu Vancouver South
 Shafiq Siddiqi Granville Park

 2007     George Cubiss, Alan Ashton, Eugene Maxwell Maple Ridge

 2006     Chuck Fung Richmond, Michael Leong, Peter Cheung Granville

 2005     Dave Baldwin, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham Langley

 2004     Dave Baldwin, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham  Langley

 2003     Alfred Pang, Raymond Cheng, Richard Yau Vancouver South



 2000     Danny Ho, Alan Webster, Tom Rozario Granville Park

 1999     John Aveline, Alan Webster, Granville Park, Steve Main Richmond

 1998     Perry Manns, Jim Bolton, Jack Bunting  North Vancouver

 1997     Norm Broomhall, Jim Buttar, Tom Lam  Vancouver South

 1996     John Aveline, Ian Henning, Don Macey Granville Park

 1995    Walter Kalke, Doug Bergey, Ian Webber (Bob Broome) Granville 

 1994     ?, Bud Addleman, Merrill ? 

 1993     Bob Scott, Lou Sousae, Jack Mitchell Van South

 1992     Norm Broomhall Vancouver South, Herman Litsky New West,
                Dick Drew  
North Vancouver

 1991     Ted Waterston, Jim Fenton, C.P. Au New Westminster

 1990     Vince Mai Vancouver South  Bob Scullion, Jim Logan Sr North Van


 1977     C. MacFarlane, R. Chatwin, B. Blondin Terminal City

 1976      J. Morrison, B. McQuillan Jr, K. Ridyard Vancouver South

 1975     not available 

 1974      J. Henderson, B. Bostock, B. Ralston  Stanley Park

 1973     W. Hopwood, J. Clayton, A. Brown Vancouver South

 1972     A. Houston, D. Binnie, G. Binnie  Terminal City

 1971     A. Weir, A. Dunlop, B. Blondin Terminal City

 1970    not available 

 1969     J. Jarvis, C. Anderson, M. Nelson Stanley Park


AUSSIE PAIRS new as of 2017:
2022    Kelvin Lai, Paul Leung
2020-2021 COVID

2018    Cary Manns, Charlie Hebert

2017    Alfred Pang & Kin On Lau

MEN'S FOURS:  Bowser / Jenkinson / L.C. Jack / Stewart

2017     Replaced by Aussie Pair in 2017.

2016     Fred Fong New Westminster, Franky Choi, Kelvin Lai, Peter Lee Richmond

2015     Paul Lee, James Chen, Stanley Chow, Clement Law Richmond

2014     Paul Brinton, Stan Turner, Harold Hendess, Rick Lambert  Mann Park
2013     Eric Leung Richmond, Peter Cheong, Ken LeeGranville Park, Serge Pannu Richmond

2012     Paul Choi, James Chen, Stanley Chow, Kelvin Lai Richmond 

2011     Chris Grahame Mann Park, Francis Yau Granville Park, Johnny Liu Richmond, Ron Leyland Kerrisdale

2010     Peter Davies, John Scutt, Roy Wakemer, Tony Webster Maple Ridge 

2009     Francis Yau Granville Park, Kin On Lau Richmond, Sand Wan Richmond, Ed Iftody Stanley Park

2008     Peter Moffat, John Moffat, Perry Manns, Tony Mandzuk  North Vancouver

2007     Peter Moffat, John Moffat, Perry Manns, Clement Law North Vancouver 

2006     Chuck Fung Richmond, Michael Leong Granville Park, Henry Fung, Peter Cheung Richmond


2004     Chuck Fung, Michael Leong, Philip Chan, Calvin Tam RM, GP, RM, RM 

2003     Paul Choi, Kion Wong Richmond, Fred Fong New Westminster, Richard Yau Vancouver South


1969-2001    Event not held  

1968     A. McPhee, E. Files, G. Coutu, E. Rollo  New Westminster

1955     G. Hymers, V. Martindale, B. Gaskarth, W. Fowler (South) Burnaby

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