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Bowls BC offers the Bowls Canada Boulingren Bowls Club Coach course designed to train coaches who will be working in a club environment with a wide range of beginner bowlers to introduce the basic skills of lawn bowls. 

Workshop Outline

The goal of this workshop is to help prepare coaches to do some of the specific tasks required to introduce the sport to beginners within a club setting.

  • Participant- centre Coaching (90 minutes)

  • Meaningful Competition for a Lifetime (80 minutes)

  • Safety (50 minutes)

  • Making Ethical Decisions (75 minutes)

  • Explaining and Demonstrating Bowls Skills (100 minutes)

  • Selecting and Implementing Purposeful Games (90 minutes)

  • Putting It All Together (30 minutes)  

NOTE:  This workshop is NOT intended to be a skills clinic for bowlers looking to upgrade their playing skills and technique

More information and course registration here.

Coaching Resource Library

Resources have been developed by the Canadian Association of Coaches to assist coaches   CAC coaching resource website

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