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Women's Past Bowler of the Year & Singles Champions
Lists up to 2014 compiled Dr. John Aveline
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For decades, the women bowlers in Metro Vancouver were members of the Dogwood Ladies Lawn Bowling Association. The men's and women's associations eventually amalgamated in 1996 to form the V&DBA. The women do not have any senior events.  At one time there was a Senior Women's Triples, but this event died due to lack of interest.

Bowler of the Year (Women)

Singles Champions

The V&D Women's Singles has seen some top bowlers compete and win this prestigious event.  Until recently the event was a straight knock-out with all games being full length.  In 2011 and 2012 the games were shortened to 15 points and there are qualifying games leading up to a playoff.  

2022   LInda Ng (Richmond)

2022   Esther Sun (New Westminster)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Gigi Chan (Richmonds)

2018   Brooke Webber (New Westminster)

2017   Zoe Chan (Richmond)

2016   Sarina Mak  (Richmond)

2015   Laurie Fredricksen (Tsawwassen)

2014  Rainbow Lung (Richmond)

2013   Diane Fulton (Vancouver South)

2012   Rainbow Lung (Richmond)

2011   Sandy Yau (Richmond)

2010   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)

2009   Josephine Lee (New Westminster)

2008   Rainbow Lung (Richmond)

2007   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)


2005   Barb Gandy (North Vancouver)

2004   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)

2003   On-Kow Au (Richmond)

2002   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)

2001   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)

2000   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)

1999   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)

1998   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)


1996   Alice Duncalf (Vancouver South)

1995   On-Kow Au (Richmond)

2023   Fanny Yeung (Richmond)

2022   (Tie) Esther Sun (New Westminster) & Gigi Chan (Richmond)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Gigi Chan (Richmond)

2018   Linda Ng (Richmond)

2017   (Tie) Zoe Chan, Fanny Yeung, Vivien Chan  (Richmond)

2016   Anita Lee (Richmond)

2015   Jenny Siu (New Westminster)

2014   Bonnie Smith (North Vancouver)

2013   Tracy Chan (Vancouver South)

2012   Sandy Yau  (Richmond)

2011   Lorraine Choi  (Richmond)

2010   Alice Duncalf  (Vancouver South)

2009   Josephine Lee  (New Westminster)

2008   Alice Duncalf   (Vancouver South)

2007   Alice Duncalf  (Vancouver South)

2006   Mary Wright  (White Rock)

Bowler Year

Novice Singles Champions

2023   Cory Coore (Stanley Park)

2022   Carrie Hansen (North Vancouver)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Loretta Chow (Richmond)

2018   Monica Thoreson (West Vancouver)

2017    Jo Ditlove (North Vancouver)

2016    Gillian Poon (Richmond)

2015    Radka Barova (West Vancouver)

2014    Brooke Webber (New Westminster)

2013    Pattara Simpson  (North Vancouver)

2012    Dottie Miller (South Burnaby)

2011    Faye Meek (Maple Ridge)

2010    No event

2009    Constance Desjardins (South Burnaby)

2008    Masako Kawasaki (Stanley Park)

2007    Sandy Yau  (Richmond)

2006    Jennifer Rorison (Surrey)

2005    Natalie Warner (North Vancouver)


Intermediate Singles

previously known as Sophomore Singles Champions (changed in 2016)

2023   Ruth Mennie (West Point Grey)

2022   Kathy Boyd (North Vancouver)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019  Trude Jadis (White Rock)

2018  Jan de la Rosa (New Westminster)

2017  Gillian Poon (Richmond)

2016  Gillian Poon (Richmond)

2015   Linda Ng (Richmond)

2014   Sue Hall (West Vancouver)

2013   Gigi Chan  (Richmond)

2012   Vicki Fung (Richmond)

2011   Zoe Chan (Richmond)

2010   Mira Miloica (White Rock)

2009   Yettie Soe (Richmond)

2008   Sandy Yau (Richmond)

2007   no event

2006   Pat Morison (South Burnaby)

2005   Laura Low (South Burnaby)

Intermediate Singles
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