2019 Monday Night Pennant Leagues 



The League commences 7:00pm. Monday 3rd June 2019.


All games are played over 14 ends.  Format of Play is Single Re-Spot.


Points and shot percentage will decide Section places at end of rounds i.e. shots for divided by shots against. 


Teams receiving a bye will get 3 points for the win and the average winning and losing scores.


Due to unforeseen circumstances the Pennant League Finals will now take place at 
7.00 pm TUESDAY, September 3rd.


As a result the last schedule date for make up games will now be

Monday 19th August


PLAY-OFF: (Winners of each Section have home tie).


First place in ‘A’ Divisions will second place in ‘B’ Divisions. First place in ‘B’ Divisions will second place in ‘A’ Divisions.


Winners of the above games play-off for 1st & 2nd place and the losers of the above games play-off for 3rd & 4th place. 

SUBSTITUTES/SPARES: Can play in any position other than Skip. A substitute who has played three games for a team is tied to that team.

Please inform me the name of the substitute if used.


DEFAULT POINTS: Teams MUST have three players for the event or forfeit the game.

Defaulting teams will lose 3 Points and average ‘Losing Score’ of all other games played. Non-offending teams will receive 3 points and average ‘Winning & Losing Scores’ of all other games played.


Home Team Skip PLEASE:  Telephone immediately after the game with the result or e-mail the in order for me to inform all teams results of all games ASAP.


Telephone:   604-466-8739.   (Voice mail is on).

 Vancouver & District Bowls Association, British Columbia, Canada