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Monday Night League - Past Women & New Bowler Winners

Women's League

2023   Ivy Qian, Vivien Chan, Fanny Yeung  (Richmond)

2022   Karen Walker, Chris Walker, Betty Cooper (TSW)

2020-2021 COVID

2019    Rainbow Lung, Anita Lee and Gigi Chan

2018    Vivien Chan, Zoe Chan, Lisa Cheung  (Richmond)

2017    Vivien Chan, Zoe Chan, Lisa Cheung  (Richmond)

2016    Vivien Chan, Lisa Cheung, Zoe Chan (Richmond)

2015    Vivien Chan, Shirley Lai, Zoe Chan  (Richmond)

2014     Rainbow Lung, Lisa Cheung, Anita Lee (Richmond)

2013     Vivien Chan, Yettie Soe, Zoe Chan (Richmond)

2012     No data

2011     Vivien Chan, Yettie Soe, Zoe Chan (Richmond)

2010     New Westminster

2009     North Vancouver (Team Isobelle Houston)

2008     Richmond

2007     Maple Ridge

2006     North Vancouver

2005     North Vancouver

2004     White Rock

2003     Vancouver South (North)  Vancouver South  (Central)

2002     North Vancouver  (North)  Vancouver South  (Central)

Division IV - New Bowlers (1 - 4th year)

Discontinued due to lack of entries

2011   North Vancouver B

2010  Kennedy Park

2009  Team Wayne Chow (Richmond)

2008   Richmond

2007    did not run

2006    Richmond

2005    Richmond

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