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Men's Bowlers of the Year & Singles Winners: 2000 - Last Year
Write ups and the following lists up to 2014 were compiled  by Dr. John Aveline
V&D Bowler of the Year (Men)

The V&D Bowler of the Year was instituted to recognize the Male and Female bowlers who were most successful in V&D events. This award was instituted and sponsored by Wayne Hopwood to recognize the top bowler in V&D events for a given year. The Bowler of the Year is also meant to encourage participation, since the more events you play in, the better chance you have to win.


Currently there are five events from which a bowler may earn points towards the Bowler of the Year: Singles, Pairs, Fours, Mixed Pairs and Mixed Fours.


Bowlers receive points according to the following formula:

Section A: 1st - 6 pts;  2nd - 3 pts;  3rd - 2 pts;  4th - 1 pt.

Section B:  1st - 2 pts;  2nd - 1 pt.

2023   Gonzo Wong (Richmond 

2022   Gonzo Wong (Richmond

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Paul Lee (Richmond

2018   Paul Choi (Richmond)

2017  Paul Lee  (Richmond)

2016   Kin On Lau (Richmond)

2015   (Tie) James MacGowan,  Jonathon Braun (Kerrisdale)

2014   Kelvin Lai (Richmond)

2013   (Tie) Kenneth Lee, Vince Mai (Van South)

2012   Paul Lee  (Richmond)

2011   Stanley Chow (Vancouver South)

2010   Steve Santana (Vancouver South)

2009   Stanley Chow (Vancouver South)

2008   Perry Manns (North Vanocuver)

2007   Clement Law (North Vancouver)

2006   Perry Manns (North Vancouver)

2005   (Tie) Paul Choi and Stephen Yung

2004   Vince Mai  (Vancouver South)

2002 - 2003  data not available

2001   Hirendra Bhartu (Vancouver South)

2000   Roddy McDonald (North Van)


This is one of the original events in the V&D calendar and predates the V&D itself. Originally it was sponsored by Birks Silver and was called the "Birk Singles".  Over the years there have been as few as 24 and as many as 90 players competing for this title.

2023  Gonzo Wong (Richmond)

2022  Gonzo Wong (Richmond)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Paul Choi (Richmond)

2018   Jim Duholke (West Vancouver)

2017   Kin On Lau (Richmond)

2016   Jim Duholke (West Vancouver)

2015   Steven Santana (Van South)

2014   Stan Turner (Mann Park)

2013   Gary Kirk  (Richmond)

2012   Kin On Lau  (Richmond)

2011   Paul Lee (Richmond)

2010   James Chen (Vancouver South)

2009   Laurence Leedham (North Vancouver)

2008   Kin-On Lau (Richmond)

2007   Michael Leong (Granville Park)

2006   Perry Manns (North Vancouver)

2005   data not available

2004   Malcolm Taylor (North Vancouver)

2003   Vince Mai (Granville Park)

2002   Alan Webster (Granville Park)

2001   Hirendra Bhartu (New Westminster)

2000   Alan Webster  (Granville Park)

Novice Singles

There is one more event which pre-dates the V&D which was once called the 'Semi-ready' that has seen some winners go on to become great bowlers.  In 2016 the "Colt Singles" was divided into a Novice and an Intermediate Singles. 

The events are a great chance for new bowlers to try out a competition against bowlers with similar experience and see how they like 'venturing out'. Almost everyone who plays in one tournament is hooked for life.  A Novice is defined as someone who is a first year bowler having never bowled elsewhere in the world.

2023 Steffen Postma (Stanley Park)

2022  Nathaniel Hui (Granville Park)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019  Dick Tang (Richmond)

2018  Alexander Hill (Granville Park)

2017  Brian Jolley (North Vancouver)

2016  Alan Wass (Dunbar)

Interm Singles
Senior Singles

The Senior Men's Singles is one of three senior men's events on the V&D slate.  It was once called the Veteran's Singles and has quite a long pedigree with a few major names on the winner's roll.

2023   Dave Baldwin (White Rock)

2022   Dave Baldwin (White Rock)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Dudley Knox (Maple Ridge)

2018   Dave Baldwin (White Rock)

2017   Eric Leung (Richmond)

2016   John Scutt (Maple Ridge)

2015   Dave Baldwin (White Rock)

2014   Dave Baldwin (White Rock)

2013   Christie Grahame (White Rock)

2012   John Moffat  (Maple Ridge / North Vancouver) 

2011   Christie Grahame (Mann Park)

2010   Christie Grahame (Mann Park)

2009   Eugene Maxwell (Maple Ridge)

2008   Ron Reichelt (Maple Ridge)

2007   George Cubiss (Maple Ridge)

2006   George Cubiss (Maple Ridge)

2005   George Cubiss (Maple Ridge)

2004   John Scutt Maple Ridge)

2003   Herman Litsky (New Westminster)

2002   Jack Mitchell (Vancouver South)

2001   George Brost (White Rock)

2000   Bill Meek (White Rock)

Intermediate Singles

In 2016, the Colt Singles was separated into a Novice and an Intermediate (second & third year bowlers) event to standardize the terminology for similar women's and men's events. The trophy pictured is now the Intermediate Singles trophy.

2023  André Dufour (Stanley Park)

2022  Clayton Hui (Granville Park)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Rob Berridge (Stanley Park) 

2018   Heng Lee (Richmond)

2017   Jim Duholke (West Vancouver)

2016   Earl Luk (Richmond)

2015   Graham Miller (Kerrisdale)

2014   Simon Leung (Richmond)

2013   Jonathan Braun (Kerrisdale)

2012   Jesse Bradford  (West Vancouver)

2011   Jack Green (Kerrisdale)

2010   Ron Roman (Richmond)

2009   Ed Iftody (Stanley Park)

2008   Sand Wan (Richmond)

2007   Mark Weiss (South Burnaby)

2006   Peter Cullis (Ladner)

2005   Mark Weiss (South Burnaby)

2004   Eldon Okert (New Westminster)

2003   George Cubiss (Maple Ridge)

2002   Ricki Chan (Richmond)

2001   Peter Tsang (New Westminster)

2000   Ed Cooper (Coquitlam)

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