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Past Women Pairs & Triples Winners
Data prior to 2014 compiled by Dr. John Aveline
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2023   Fanny Yeung, Lorraine Choi (Richmond)

2022   Cary Ip, Esther Sun

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Lorraine Choi, Jody Yeh (Richmond)

2018   Lisa Cheung, Linda Ng (Richmond)

2017   Vivian Chan, Gigi Chan (Richmond)

2016   On-Kow Au, Shirley Lai (Richmond)

2015   Sharon Baldwin, Stephanie Vezina (New Westminster)

2014   Bonnie Smith, Marilyn Rich (North Vancouver)

2013   Belle Chan, Tracy Chan (Vancouver South)

2012   On Kow Au, Shirley Choy (Richmond)

2011   Marion Hopkins, Carole Eastbrook (White Rock)

2010   Josephine Lee, Jane Tillson (New Westminster)

2009   Josephine Lee, Jane Tillson (New Westminster)

2008   Lorraine Choi, Dorothy Wong (Richmond)

2007   Helen Lam, Rita Patterson (Granville Park)

2006   Mary Wright, Beryl Harrington (White Rock)

2005   Helen Lam, Shirley Lai (Granville Park)

2004   On Kow Au, Belle Chan (Richmond)

2003   On-Kow Au, Belle Chan (Richmond)

2002   Marg Duvarney, Corinne Brost (White Rock)

2001   Helen Lam, Shirley Lai (Granville Park)

2000   On-Kow Au, Freda Walsh (Richmond)

1999   Peggy Waine, Renate Klay (Stanley Park)

1998   Monica Yardley, Pat Aarvold (North Vancouver)

1997   Alice Duncalf, Norma Bourne (Vancouver South)

1996   Isobel Houston, Helen Galan (North Vancouver)

1995   Mary Meaney, Dot Vizzuti (North Vancouver)

Intm Pairs

Intermediate Pairs Champions

2023  Ivy Qian, Nana Tan (Richmond) 

2022  Cancelled

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Cancelled

2018   Cancelled

2017   Jody Yeh, Gillian Poon (Richmond) 

New event added as of 2017.

Intermediate Triples Champions

2023  Ivy Qian, Nana Tan, Mandy Ho (Richmond)

2022  Cancelled

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Jo Ditlove, Irene Jolley, Kim Sawyer (North Vancouver)

2018   Cancelled

2017   Denece Morris, Mary Louise Sawyer, Sue Callahan(North Vancouver) 2016   Pat McKenzie, Denece Morris, Nikki Zauski (North Vancouver)

New event added as of 2016.  

Triples Champions (Discontinued)

In 2002 , several years of cancellations due to insufficient entries,
this event was removed from the schedule.

2001   Yvonne Davidson, Mary Hargreaves, Joyce Nightengale (Tsawassen)

2000   Pat Aarvold, Shirley Payne, Barbara Gandy (North Vancouver)



1997   Marion Clark, Joan Phillips, Pat Smith (Richmond)

1996   Isobel Houston, Mae Humphreys, Joan McLeod (North Vancouver)

1995   Dorothy Macey, Joan Dunlop, Kathy Dunlop (Granville Park)

Intm Triples
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