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Past Mixed Winners
Write ups and the following lists up to 2014 were compiled by Dr. John Aveline
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President's Cup

The President's Cup was revived in 2010 after a number of years on hiatus. Originally, the event was called the Executive Fours. Each club could enter one team which was made up of members of the club's executive.  This was a men's event (organizations did not amalgamate until 1996) and the club president had to skip the team. After clubs women's and men's sections amalgamated, a club's team had to be mixed and the requirement that the club president had to skip was relaxed.  The event ceased to be held due to lack of interest. 


In 2010 Tony Boucher of Granville Park suggested that the event might be revived as a way of the V&D to acknowledge and thank some of the people who volunteer to help run their clubs.  This led to the rebirth of this event in a slightly changed form and with a new name: The President's Cup.

Teams are still made up from club executives and a club may only have one team, but the gender make-up of the team is unrestricted.  A team may have four men, four women or anything in between.  On the other hand, at least two of the team must be table officers (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, past president).  Also, while the original purpose of the event was to give the club executives their own event, the purpose of the President's Cup is thank club volunteers who serve on their club boards (the $20.00 entry fee is paid by the club and a lunch is provided).  The President's Cup also gives club executives a chance to get together on the greens, rather than around the board table, and exchange ideas and thoughts of mutual interest regarding the Sport of Bowls.  Currently the format is 3 10-end games.

2022   Ladner 

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019  ​ West Vancouver Pat Chapman, Jim Duholke, Rodger Horn, Grethe Jensen West Vanc

2018    Mann Park  David Tones, Dianne Brynjolfson, Bob Allaby, Linda Palm 

2017    Richmond  Chester Young, Peter Lee, Earl Luk, Anita Lee

2016    Granville Park  Sharon Cowie, Peter Cheong, Alistair Black, Pat Tolhurst

2015    West Point Grey  team names not available

2014    Richmond  Peter Lee, Anita Lee, Chester Yeung, Gordon Oikawa

2013    Richmond   Chester Young, Willie Wu, Peter Lee, Anita Lee

2012    Granville Park  Juanita Tucker, Sharon Cowie, Alistair Black, Alan Webster 

2011    Kerrisdale   Barrie Brown, David Arnott, Ron Leyland, Joyce Bolleman

2010    West Point Grey  Frank Kaweski, Bill Parker, Elaine Rolston, Cathleen Rowlette

Mixed Pairs

Mixed Pairs


2022  Not Scheduled

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Paul Lee, Fanny Yeung (Richmond)

2018   Paul Lee, Fanny Yeung (Richmond)

2017   Paul Lee, Fanny Yeung (Richmond)

2016   Gerry & Darlene Vachon (North Burnaby)

2015   Cary Manns, Bonnie Smith  (North Vancouver)

2014   Harry Carruthers, Bonnie Smith (North Vancouver)

2013   Chester Yeung, Anita Lee  (Richmond)

2012   Paul Lee, Sandy Yau  (Richmond)

2011   Paul Choi, Lorraine Choi  (Richmond)

2010   Steve Santana, Belle Chan   (Vancouver South)

2009   Stanley Chow, Rita Patterson   (Richmond, Granville Park)

2008   Perry Manns, Alice Duncalf   (North Van / Van South)

2007   John Moffat, Pat Aarvold   (North Vancouver)

2006   Perry Manns, Loreen Manns   (North Vancouver)

2005   Paul Choi, Lorraine Choi (Richmond)

2004    Malcolm Taylor, Marie Taylor   (North Vancouver)

2003    Mel Eccles, Diane Fulton   (Vancouver South)

2002    Hiren Bhartu, Mary Ann Gillies   (Vancouver South)

2001    C.P. Au, On-Kow Au   (Richmond)

2000    Roddy MacDonald, Barb Gandy   (North Vancouver)

1999    Jim Murphy, Juanita Tucker   (Vancouver South)

1998    Perry Manns, Loreen Manns   (North Vancouver)

1997    Mel Eccles, Allie Eccles   (Vancouver South)

1996    Rod Banning, Betty Leon   (Burnaby North)

1995    Ted Waterston, Brenda McFadyen   (New Westminster)

Pres Cup

Nicholson Pairs

2022   Bob Martin, Pat McKenzie (North Vancouver)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Dennis Sigfusson, Flo Hurtubise (Coquitlam)

2018   Stephen Yung, Linda Ng (Richmond)

2017   Eric Leung, Vivien Chan (Richmond)

2016   Karen Rees, Clement Law (North Vancouver)

2015   Gary Clarke, Dorothy Clarke (Coquitlam)

2014   Jack Green & Cathy Selzler (Kerrisdale)

2013   Joe DeBruin, Belle Chan  (North Van, Van South)

2012   Gary Kirk, Vivian Chan  (Richmond)

2011   Steve Santana, Belle Chan  (Vancouver South)

2010   Laurence Leedham, Lynn Leedham (North Vancouver)

2009   Paul Lee, Cecilia Chui (Richmond)

2007-2008 data unavailable 

2006   Fred Wheeler, Sandra Wheeler (North Vancouver)

2005   data unavailable

2004   Malcolm Taylor, Marie Taylor   (North Vancouver)

2003   German Santana, Myrle Lawrence (Van South/West Van)

2002    Elaine Dipalo,  Jim Dipalo   (Maple Ridge)

2001    Jim Logan Sr,  Joyce Schisler   (Vancouver South)

2000    John Aveline, Lily Lo   (Granville Park)

1999    Ken Jones,  Jenny Jones   (Coquitlam)

1998    Alice Duncalf, Dave Duncalf   (Vancouver South)

1997    Bob Scott, Cathie Higgins   (Vancouver South)

1996    data unavailable 

1995    Ted Waterston, Brenda McFadyen   (New Westminster)

Senior Pairs
Senior Mixed Pairs

New in 2017

2022   Not Scheduled

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Jim Duholke, Sue Hall (West Vancouver)

2018   Earl Luk, Fanny Lueng (Richmond)

2017   Stan Turner, Lorane Martin (White Rock)  

Senior Mixed Fours
2022   Eric Leung, Kelvin Lai, Jenny Siu, Rainbow Leung (Richmond)
2020 - 2021 COVID
2019   Paul Choi, Lorraine Choi, Stanley Chow, Sarina Mak (Richmond)
2018   Eric Leung, Rainbow Lung, Jenny Siu, Kelvin Lai  (Richmond)
2017   Eric Leung, Rainbow Lung, Jenny Siu, Kelvin Lai  (Richmond)
New in 2017
Senior Fours

Moffat Fours (as of 2017 previously was Mixed Fours)

2022   Not Scheduled

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Kelvin Lai, Peter Lee, Anita Lee, Gigi Chan (Richmond)

2018   Paul Choi, Lorraine Choi, Stanley Chow, Linda Ng (Richmond)

2017   Bob Martin, Mike Kelly, Jocelyn Henderson, Lynne Owen (North Vancouver)

2016   Stanley Chow, James Chen, Anita Lee, Alice Lam (Richmond)

2015   Chester Yeung, Stanley Chow, Rainbow Lung, Lisa Cheung  (Richmond)

2014   Jeff Law, Kelvin Lai, Gigi Chan, Sarina Mak (Richmond)

2013   Vince Mai, Kenneth Lee, Man Ying Lee, Tracy Chan (Vancouver South)

2012    data not available

2011    John Harvey, Nell Smitheringale, Pat Aarvold, John Karpa  (North Vancouver)

2010    Joe DeBruin, Karin Rees, Sidney Hope, John Karpa   (North Vancouver)

2009    Peter Moffat, Perry Manns, Lorene Manns, Bonnie Smith   (North Vancouver)

2008    Peter Moffat, Perry Manns, Nannely Lawson, Bonnie Smith   (North Vancouver)

2007    Hiren Bhartu, Alice Duncalf, Malcolm Taylor, Marie Taylor   (New West, Van South, North Van, North Van)

2006    Vince Mai, Bruce Matheson, Alice Duncalf, Jennifer Butler   (Granville, Langley, Vancouver South, Granville)

2004- 2005   data not available

2003    Jim Murphy, Jim Logan Sr, Joyce Logan, Juanita Tucker   (Vancouver South)

2002    Jim Logan Sr, Jim Murphy, Marg Duvarney, Joyce Schisler   (Vancouver South, White Rock)

2001    Dave Brown, Bob Gandy, Barb Gandy, Pat Aarvold   (North Vancouver)

2000    Paul Choi, Kion Wong, Amy Au, Lorraine Choi   (Richmond)

1999    S.C. Pak, Ming Leung, Janet Wong, Hilda Leung   (Granville Park)

1998    Steve Forrest, Robin Forrest, Gordon Cutting, Dot Charleston   (Stanley Park)

1997    Michael Christ, Brian Goddard, Maureen Christ, Marva Goddard   (New Westminster)

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