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V&D Umpiring Page
This page maintained by V&D Head Umpire, George Cubiss

The Vancouver and District now has 31 active Umpires. This year you will see many new faces officiating for your events. We have 6 new Umpires, who this year passed the Level 1 Umpires Course. Congratulations to Brent Diewold and Bill Hartley, Maple Ridge - Harry Carruthers and Agnes Lee, North Vancouver - Amy Ng and Elmer Morishita, Vancouver Club.


Our new Umpires are qualified to officiate at Provincial, District and Club levels. They are also eligible to act as Assistant Umpires at National events.

If you need an Umpire for your event, email George

Now you can become an Umpire! 

Know the rules!  Watch top-flight bowls and get paid. Our goal is to have at least one umpire in every club.  Contact George Cubiss – for further information.

Umpire Assessment Form

You have the opportunity to tell us about our umpires.  This will help with our Umpire training Program. All club games chairs have been given a copy of the Umpire Assessment form. 

Technical Publications
Laws of the Sport of Bowls
Domestic Regulations
Measuring & Marking Centre Lines
Footwear Specs

Test Your Rules Knowledge 

Think you know the rules?  Test yourself with the monthly question to see if you are correct. No results are recorded. 

Markers and Rules Clinics

There is much more to marking a game than flipping the score over on the scoreboard, marking the score on the scorecard and setting the ‘Jack’.

George Cubiss will organize a ‘Markers Clinic’ for interested bowlers. The clinic will run for two hours in the morning, then a short DVD on Marking in the afternoon, followed by practice on the green.

Cost is $5.00 per person to cover traveling and stationary costs. The people who pass the course will receive a BC Bowls qualified ‘Markers Card’ valid for 4 years.

George will also hold a “Rules Clinic” for any interested club.  He will go over the most common rules and answer questions from the floor. 

If you would like to attend the Marker’s Clinic and/or have a Rules Clinic conducted at your club, please contact George at (604) 466-8739 or email him at:

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