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This page maintained by V&D Head Umpire, George Cubiss

2024 Umpire Training and Clinics

Event Umpire

Contact George Cubiss for further information: 


Need an Umpire for an Event?

Any club requiring an umpire to officiate at an event, please contact George Cubiss either by email at  or call 604-466-8739

Markers Clinic

There is much more to marking a game than flipping the score over on the scoreboard, marking the score on the scorecard and setting the ‘Jack’.

George Cubiss will organize a ‘Markers Clinic’ for interested bowlers. The clinic will run for two hours in the morning, then a short DVD on Marking in the afternoon, followed by practice on the green.

Cost is $5.00 per person to cover traveling and stationary costs. The people who pass the course will receive a BC Bowls qualified ‘Markers Card’ valid for 4 years. 

Rules Clinics

George will also hold a “Rules Clinic” for any interested club.  He will go over the most common rules and answer questions from the floor. 

If you would like to attend the Marker’s Clinic and/or have a Rules Clinic conducted at your club, please contact George at (604) 466-8739 or email him at:


Umpire Assessment Form

You have the opportunity to tell us about our umpires.  This will help with our Umpire training Program. All club games chairs have been given a copy of the Umpire Assessment form. 

Technical Publications
BCB 2019
Domestic Regulations
Measuring & Marking Centre Lines
Footwear Specs
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