Men's Triples Champions
Write ups and the following lists up to 2013 were compiled  Dr. John Aveline.

Intermediate Triples Champions

The Intermediate Triples (changed from Colt Triples in 2016) began on the theory that most of the events in the V&D calendar are triples and so some experience playing in a triples tournament would be useful.  It is also assumed that most new bowlers will be familiar with playing triples at their club and so more willing to compete in a 'known' event.

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019  Richard Poon, Bill Chan, Samuel Ho (Richmond)

2018   Frank Floro, Brian McArthur, Brian Siemens (Coquitlam)

2017   Jim Duholke, Gary Brisbois,  Dan Jenni (West Vancouver)

2016   Jim Duholke, Stuart McDouglall, Gary Brisbois (West Vancouver)

2015   Marty Houser, Statish Lal, Rick Applegath  (Coquitlam)

2014   Jonathon Braun, Graham Miller, Matt Miller (Kerrisdale)

2013   Gordon Oikawa, George Man, Kelvin Lai  (Richmond)

2012   Gordon Oikawa, George Man, Kelvin Lai  (Richmond)

2011   Terry Johnson, Kelvin Lai, George Man   (Richmond)

2010   Cordell Pennington, Len Menghello, Jim Hughes   (Coquitlam) 

2009   John Percival, Dave Rosta, John Morrow 

2008   no data available

2007   John Moffat, Frank Roy, John Lockyer (North Vancouver)

2006   Alan Evans, Thomas Tam, Sam Wong (Granville Park/Richmond)

2005   John Percival, John Morrow, Dave Rosta (Coquitlam)

2004   Ed Martin, Tony Miuth, Mike North   (Stanley Park)

2003   George Cubiss, Tony Webster, Pete Davis   (Maple Ridge)

2002   Dave Bell, Mathias Rumpeltes, Malter Masuk   (Langley)

2001   Gary Korstrom, Main Naicker, Harvey Carriere   (Coquitlam)

2000   Cancelled

1999    George Pettypiece, Jack Campbell, Micky Statler  (Tsawwassen)

1998    Louis Tsang, Ming Leung, Ben Lee   (Granville Park)

1997    Gary Clarke, Ken Jones, Ron Fox   (Coquitlam)

Men's Triples Champions

The V&D Men's Triples event was a more recent addition to the V&D event catalogue and suffered largely from its position in the calendar (played right after the Canadian Championships) as well as from a surfeit of events. Discontinued after the 2003 season.

2002   Alfred Pang, Raymond Cheng,

            Jeff Chan   (Richmond)

2001   Cancelled

2000   Jim Murphy, Bill Meek,

             Matt Rodger   (Vancouver South)

1999    Hirendra Bhartu, Devan Wilkie

             Roddy MacDonald   (Stanley Park)

1998    Jim Murphy,  Jim Logan

             Bill Jarvie   (Vancouver South)

1997    Jim Logan, Des Deroche

              Ken Schisler   (Vancouver South)