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Men's Fours Champions  2000 - Current
Write ups and the following lists up to 2014 were compiled by Dr. John Aveline.
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The third in the 'majors trifecta' of V&D events which are older than the V&D.  The V&D Men's Fours is the grand-daddy of all Championships.  Hudson Bay donated a trophy to the then Vancouver Lawn Bowling Association in May 1917 and was awarded to the club champion (what is now the Little Mountain club).  After the 1917 season, the club split into two: the Vancouver LBC and the City LBC (which would eventually be called Granville Park).  City took the trophy with them. Two years later they donated the trophy to the Lower Mainland LBA.  This event has played without interruption ever since. 

2023   Kin On Lau, Gonzo Wong, Patrick Sum, George Man (Richmond)

2022   Paul Lee, Paul Choi, Kevin Lai, Earl Luk (Richmond)

2020 - 2021 COVID

2019   Kin On Lau, Gonzo Wong, George Man, Patrick Sum (Richmond)

2018   Paul Lee, Jeffery Lau, Francis Yau, Earl Luk (Richmond)

2017   Harry Carruthers, Eldon Okert, Don Black, Clement Law (North Vancouver)

2016   Joe de Briun, Bob Martin, Don Black, Clement Law (North Vancouver) 

2015   Vince Mai, Brad Neave, Bob Scott, Ricki Chan (Vancouver South)

2014   Peter Davies, John Scutt, Bill Lang, Tony Webster (Maple Ridge)

2013   Steve Santana, Vince Mai, Jim Buttar, Kenneth Lee  (Vancouver South)

2012   Peter Tsang, Fred Fong, Guru Chima, Freeman Watt  (New Westminster)

2011   George Cubiss, Peter Davies, John Scutt, Tony Webster  (Maple Ridge)

2010   Paul Choi, Kion Wong, Stanley Chow, Kin On Lau (Richmond)

2009   Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bruce Matheson, Clement Law  (North Vancouver)

2008   Hirendra Bhartu, Charles Ko, Fred Fong, Peter Tsang   (New Westminster)

2007   Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bob Gandy, Clement Law   (North Vancouver)

2006   Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bob Gandy, Clement Law   (North Vancouver)

2005   Boniface Lau, Steve Santana, Samuel Siu, Clement Law (North Vancouver)

2004   Chris Grahame, Ian Tyzzer, Olie Madsen, Jim Cambrey (Mann Park)

2003   Dave Brown, Cary Manns, Devan Wilkie, Perry Manns   (North Vancouver)

2002   Bruce Matheson, Chris Grahame, Cary Manns, Ernie Braithewaite  

2001   Bob Scott, Steve Forrest, Hirendra Bhartu, Dave Duncalf   (Vancouver South)

2000   Bob Scott, Dave Duncalf, Steve Forrest, Des Deroches   (Vancouver South

Senior Fours

Senior Men's Fours

2017   Event not longer offered.

2016   Eric Leung, Daniel Au, Frances Yau, Clement Law (Richmond, North Van) 

2015    John Scutt, Peter Davies, Tony Webster, Bill Lang  (Maple Ridge)

2014   Dave Baldwin, Brian Papp, Chester Yeung, Alex Abraham (New Westminster)

2013    John Scutt, Glenn Cohen, Doug Morrison, Bill Lang (Maple Ridge)

2012    George Cubiss, Peter Davies, Tony Webster, Eugene Maxwell (Maple Ridge)

2011    Dave Baldwin, Bill Neville, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham  (Langley)

2010    Dave Baldwin, Bruce Matheson, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham  (Langley)

2009    Dave Baldwin, Bill Neville, Bill Pike, Alex Abraham   (Langley)

2008    George Cubiss, Peter Davies, Don Law, John Scutt   (Maple Ridge)

2007    George Cubiss, Peter Davies, John Scutt, Tony Webster   (Maple Ridge)

2006    George Cubiss, Peter Davies, John Scutt, Tony Webster   (Maple Ridge)

2004 - 2005   no data available  

2003    Bill Fletcher, Karl Luond, Arthur Withers, John Kost   (Kerrisdale)

2002    Des Deroche, Lou Sousae, Ken Schsiler, Jim Lai   (Vancouver South)

2001    Bill Meek, George Brost, Ernie Braithwaite, Al Claney   (White Rock)

2000    Derek Seddon, Fred Wheeler, Bob Houston, Don Black   (North Vancouver)

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