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Top Ten

2024 Schedule TBA

2023 Winner: Richmond Firebird

2023 Runner-Up: North Vancouver Grouse


Singles play 4 bowls; Pairs play 4 bowls; Triples play 3 bowls; Fours play 2 bowls.  

If a jack is dead, Single Re-Spot Format applies. The 2-meter spot on each rink will be set by the home green convener.  A coin toss with a representative from each side will determine control of the mat for all the games.

• A Top Ten team is a mixed team consisting of 10 players, with not less than 4 players of each gender.

• Pairs, Triples and Fours must be mixed; no limitation for Singles.

• Please refer to the following table (teams may change structure for every round):


Suggested Combinations: teams can be restructured for every round:

Singles: Woman or Man                                               

Pairs: 1 Woman + 1 Man

Triples: 1 Woman + 2 Men or 1 Man + 2 Women

Fours: 2 Men + 2 Women


• This is a straight knock-out competition. Players make up a team as follows: - Singles play to 21 shots – Pairs and Fours play 18 ends – Triples play 16 ends. Scoring: - Win = 3 points – Tie = 1 point. The total shot differential for all four games combined will be used in each game to determine the winner if teams are tied on points. In the event of teams still being tied, the winner of the singles game will break the tie.

• Maximum 2 teams may be entered by each club.

• If less than 12 teams participate, the tournament will be cancelled. If more than 16 teams, a preliminary round (teams chosen by draw) will be played to eliminate the excess number of teams, leaving only 16  teams to enter the first round.

• FOR CLUBS WITH 2 TEAMS - a name list of each team and a general list of substitutes must be submitted to the V&D Top Ten convener before the first round begins. Players are not allowed to switch or substitute between teams even his/her team has been eliminated in any round. Substitutes named in the general list need not be assigned to a specific team until he/she has played for a team for the first time. The V&D Top Ten convener must be informed every time when substitutes are involved.  Substitutes may play in any position. If “byes” are necessary, only 1 team (by draw) may get a “bye”. 


• A player who is a member of more than one club may participate on teams of any club where he/she is a  member but may not enter this tournament for more than one club or play as substitute for another club  even if  his/her team has been eliminated in any round.

• Home team may choose any 4 rinks for the event but must be allotted by draw and the visiting skips are to draw for rinks.

• Games are scheduled for FRIDAY evenings @7.00 p.m. and may be re-scheduled by mutual consent. The V&D Top Ten Convener must be informed of the date changed.

Teams must enter by May 24, 2024

• Entry fee: $25.00 per team, which is normally paid by their club. There is no prize for the individual players. The winning team will get a pennant and have its club’s name engraved on the Top Ten plaque.  Runners-up team will also get a pennant.

• Entry form and payment is now online.


Tentative dates for 2024: Preliminary round if more than 16 teams - TBA

1st round: June 14 (Fri.); then June 28 (Fri.); August 16 (Fri.); September 6 (Fri.). All dates are subject to change.


Convener: Jim Duholke 778-833-3766  email

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