Top Ten

Winning Team 



2019 Winner: Richmond Phoenix

A TOP TEN team is comprised of 10 players with no less than 4 players of each gender.

Pairs, Triple and Fours must be mixed – either gender can play singles.

Suggested Combinations: teams can be restructured for every round

Singles: Woman or Man     •    Pairs: 1 Woman + 1 Man

Triples: 1 Woman + 2 Men   or   1 Man + 2 Women   • Fours: 2 Men + 2 Women


Maximums: two (2) teams per club and a total of 16 teams.

  • If less than 12 teams, the tournament will be cancelled.

  • If more than 16 entries, a preliminary elimination round of teams (randomly chosen) will be played to determine the eligible teams.


This is a straight knockout competition: Scoring: Win = 3 Pts.; Tie + 1 Pt.

Singles: 4 bowls to 21 points. Pairs [NEW 2020 FORMAT]: 3 bowls to 18 ends. Triples: 3 bowls to 16 ends. Fours: 2 bowls to 18 ends. Scoring: Win = 3 pts.; Tie = 1 pt. The shot differential for all four games combined will be used to determine a winner if teams are tied. In the event teams are still tied, the singles game winner determines the round winner.

[NEW 2020]: For each team a members list and a general list of substitutes must be submitted to the V&D Top Ten Convener with your entry form. Team members and substitutes:

•    Are assigned to a specific team and may NOT, even if defeated in a round, play or substitute on another team.

•    The Top Ten Convener must be informed when substitutes have played in a game.

•    Substitutes may play in any position.

Players who belong to more than one club: can play or substitute for their selected club but may NOT play or substitute for another club even if their designated team has been eliminated from the competition.

If a ‘bye’ is necessary, only one team is selected by random draw.

Designated Home Team is responsible for:

•      Setting up 4 rinks and the visiting skips will randomly select their rink.

•      Marking the 2-metre spot on all the playing rinks.

Jack Reset: If a jack in play is knocked out of bounds, it is reset on the 2-metre spot in accordance with the V&D Events’ Conditions of Play in this Handbook.

Entries must be received by May 29, 2020.

Dates for Top 10 play are Friday evenings at 7 PM.

Preliminary round if more than 16 teams - June 5.


  • 1st round starts on June 12; then,

  • June 26;

  • August 7;

  • September 4.

 Dates subject to change and games may be rescheduled by mutual consent. The Top Ten Convener must be informed of any game date changes.

Entry form at

Entry fee per team is $25, normally paid by their club.

The winning team will receive a pennant for their club and the club’s name engraved on the Top Ten Plaque.  Second place team receives a pennant for their club. There are no prizes for team individuals.

Winners MUST inform Convener of results within 24 hours of game.

Convener: Robert Ascroft    604-515-0012