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Online Registration Q&A

Registering and paying for a V&D event, BC Week event, Pennant league, President's Cup or Top Ten is now done online. It will be a 2-step process. STEP ONE: Use interac etransfer to send entry fee to V&D; STEP 2: Fill out and submit the appropriate online entry form. Details will be in the Events Handbook and on this website after April 6, 2024.



Can I still fill in a paper form when registering for a V&D event?

Only online registrations are accepted.


Can I write a cheque for a V&D Event?

Only e-transfers are accepted.


Where can I find instructions for online event registrations?

Go to the Forms & Docs tab on this site after April 6, or read the Instructions on Page 9 of the V&D Event Handbook


What about inter-club events? Can I register online for them?

Only V&D events have online registration.  Each club has their own way to register (refer to V&D Events Handbook), but most will still require cheques and printed entry forms.



Interac e-transfer – will I need to create a question and answer when I setup Vancouver and District Bowls Association (V&D) as a payee?

Auto-deposit is set up for - some banks may ask for a question and answer. 


Will I get an email confirmation for my e-transfer and how long will it take for me to receive it?

Yes, you will get an email confirmation from your bank.  It can take seconds to minutes to receive confirmation, depending on your bank.


Do I need a Reference Number from my e-transfer email?

Yes.  The e-transfer Reference Number will be tracked back to your online Event Registration.


Can I do an e-transfer for multiple events?

Only one e-transfer per event will be accepted


Who will receive or be informed of my interac e-transfer?

The V&D Treasurer will administer e-transfers


Online Event Registration:   


Where can I find the link to the event registration form?

Click on the Forms & Docs tab on this website


Will I get an email confirmation after my event registration form is submitted?



Will the event convenor receive notification of my registration?



Can I register for a friend or have someone else register for me?

Yes – follow the instructions on the online event registration form


When registering, is it compulsory to fill in all players’ names?

Yes, the online form fields are mandatory. If your registered team replaces a member, please inform the event convenor at least one week before the event


Will the event convenor contact me?

Yes, when necessary



Where can I find V&D Events Conditions of Play and the event details?

Conditions of Play and event details are in the V&D Events Handbook


Will the Events Handbook have information about V&D e-transfers and online registering for events?

Yes, on Page 9


Where can I get help with e-transfer and registering?

Check the V&D Events Handbook for the information first.  Failing that, send an email to


When can I register for an event?

The V&D Events Handbook will be distributed to the member clubs on April 6, and the website links will be activated the same day


Who do I contact if I have to cancel?

Contact the event convenor, see the V&D Events Handbook for convenor information.


Can I get my money back if I cancel?

Yes, if you cancel before 48 hours. See V&D Events Handbook for Conditions of Play.

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