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Rules Regarding the Use of a Bowling Aid

Domestic regulations for the use of an Artificial Aid when Bowling


The use of a bowling arm or bowling pusher allows bowlers with physical limitations to keep playing the game of bowls.


All devices used must be an approved device recognized by World Bowls.  They can be purchased from any recognized Bowls Dealer and will have an approved mark on them. Some bowlers have been known to customize their own mechanical aid, but they cannot be used in tournaments.


Any bowler using an artificial device MUST use it for the whole of the game other than delivery of the jack.


Law 41.8 allows Member National Authorities to approve the use of artificial devices for delivering the jack or a bowl. Law 41.5 allows the use of a support or an artificial device (or both) when delivering the jack or a bowl or when walking on the green. Bowls Canada Boulingrin recognizes that the primary purpose of a bowling delivery aid is to enable a person with a physical disability to play the sport of bowls. We must also ensure that bowlers do not damage the playing surface while using a bowling delivery aid on the green.


For domestic play in Canada, any bowler may use a bowling delivery aid (e.g. support, bowling arm, etc.) for delivery of the jack and their bowls. Bowlers may use a device which is produced by a recognized manufacturer, for use in lawn bowls, with no customized modifications and as approved by Bowls Canada Boulingrin.


For further information and types of aids that can be used, refer to the BCB policy on the use of bowling delivery aids.



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