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The Vancouver and District Bowls Association (V&D) oversees the sport of lawn bowls in metro Vancouver, BC. Its 22 member clubs have a collective membership of over 2,300 bowlers, making V&D the third largest district in all of Canada. The V&D manages district level tournaments and leagues and assists its member clubs in promoting the Sport of Bowls and developing its membership.

The V&D is a member of Bowls BC, Bowls Canada Boulingrin, and World Bowls.

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Lawn Bowling is a SPORT for ALL. Watch this informational video. Contact your Local Club about introductory lessons. 

There's A New Way to Enter a V&D Event

All entries for V&D events must now be completed online

Cheques and mailed forms are no longer accepted for V&D Events

Questions? Click here for online payment Q&A

NOTE: Inter-club tournaments and leagues still require cheques and entry forms unless the host club has specific requirements

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